An unknown serial arsonist is targeting colleges and now he has his sights set on Kalamazoo! You are on campus when lock-down procedures are initiated. With only 60 minutes, are you smart enough to disrupt his plan, master his riddles and solve the final clue to escape? Or, will you get burned by


Can you solve

The Final Clue?

The backstory....

...there were two brothers who were very close. They had a father that worked many long hours at a local college as a chemistry teacher. One day, the younger brother went to find the father at the school. The older brother soon followed, looking for his brother. Some time passes and the younger brother finds the chemistry department as well as some chemicals. He mixes the chemicals, causing a huge explosion, which kills him instantly and severely injures his older brother who happened to be nearby. As a result, the older brother now blames the college for killing his brother and goes on a vengeful rampage against colleges. He has now made his way to Kalamazoo to act on his anger.

Can you stop his plan by figuring out which college and in what order he plans on targeting before becoming a victim yourself by The Firestarter?


Kalamazoo's newest live escape room adventure! Experience an exciting journey using elements within a locked room to solve puzzles and clues, in order to escape before the time runs out. Our escape rooms offer original themes and story lines, certain to provide you with an in-depth immersive experience.

Do you think you can solve


Escape Room 1:


We bring this game to YOU - for team building, parties and any fun event!

Your ACME Development Team created the new super widget, which is certain to revolutionize the industry. The widget and patent have been stolen! Can you get it back in time to save the future of your company and your team?


​Although this game can be played as a single team of 6, it is best played with 12 players. That way, two teams can battle against each other. We can accommodate large events up to 20 players per hour!

BOOK NOW to reserve your experience, then call 269.303.2771 to tailor your event.

​Cost: $250/up to 12 players/hr + $50  one-time set-up fee. Additional players $25 ea./hr.

​Mileage rates apply to events outside of Kalamazoo County.

Who will solve the puzzle first and stop the thief?

​​​​​​​​portable or room adventure:  widget wars​​​​​