Re-occuring theme:

As you navigate the room, you may encounter something that seems to be a re-occurring theme. This is something that holds some kind of meaning for The Firestarter and is a pre-curser  to a part II. This new chapter will be darker in nature as you go deeper into what really made The Firestarter what he is.

The backstory....
...there were two brothers who were very close. They had a father that worked many long hours at a local college as a chemistry teacher. One day, the younger brother went to find the father at the school. The older brother soon followed, looking for his brother. Some time passes and the younger brother finds the chemistry department as well as some chemicals. He mixes the chemicals, causing a huge explosion, which kills him instantly and severely injures his older brother who happened to be nearby. As a result, the older brother now has this hatred and vendetta against colleges and blames the school for killing his younger brother. He goes on a vengeful rampage against colleges and has now made his way to Kalamazoo to act on his anger.

Can you stop his plan by figuring out which college he plans on targeting first before becoming a victim yourself by The Firestarter?