Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Is this a private room, or do other people get put with our group?

​     All of our rooms are private rooms except for Widget Wars. if you want Widget Wars to be private, please request it after booking.

How many people does each room hold?

    All of our rooms hold 2-8 players except for Widget Wars which can accommodate up to 20 players. 

Can I use an expired Groupon or promotion code?

     Yes, we will accept an expired Groupon up to 1 month after expiration. Some promotions are limited to certain periods, but our discount codes are good until the end of the year.

What is an escape room?

     We have a short 2 minute video on this site and our Facebook page that give a demonstration of escape room play.

Do you accommodate special occasions?

     Yes, we have decorated our rooms (using your decorations) for special occasions. Whether it's a birthday or engagement, we

     are happy to be a part of your special event.

I have a group larger than 8 people, what are my options?

     You have several options. You can divide your group and play separate rooms or if you are compelled, your teams can try our highly competitive Widget Wars!

How many people can play the portable game Widget Wars at the same time?

     Widget Wars can be played by 50 people at the same time at your location if you have the room.